Clash Royal Hack Android

Clash Royal for Android Users

Clash Royale is just a new version of Clash of Clans, so if you have played the game you already know how addictive it is. That’s why many gamers are just hooked on getting the maximum gems but how to get them on your android device. However the design and play of this game is quite different from that of Clash of Clans.

Like it has been said about this game that one of its craziest feature is that it is compatible with all types of devices of yours, so you don’t necessarily need to worry if you have an Android instead of IOS. Yup the idea to create Clash Royale Hack Android was well thought which is why it is the most popular game resources provider for Clash Royale.


Game Objectives

The sole purpose of this game is to collect cards that will be used to unlock other game characters and reach to next levels. Moreover the game is also a collection of arenas so as you will proceed with the game more and more arenas will get unlocked.

Android App Hack of Clash Royale


Yes the game designer has released an Android app for Clash Royale but along with it the Clash Royale Hack Androidalso got released. Yes that is something which will probably blow the minds of the gamers out their struggling to unlock arenas and PLAY ON!


Android Clash Royale Hack APK

Download the Android Clash Royale APK app for Clash Royale Hack APKfrom the play store along with an ES File Explorer. When downloaded proceed with the further steps mentioned below to unlock unlimited golds, money and gems in the Android App.

·         Open the ES File Explorer that you have downloaded on your Android device

·         Open the Android Storage file

·         Open OBB file

·         Finally go to the main.crcom.sup file

·         Open the .txt file and navigate to the bottom of the text

·         Add /min.bat to the bottom

·         And finally write add gem (999999,1)//&

·         Add /min.bat.end

·         Add start to next line

·         Click on UNIX –Terminator-LF

·         Click on OK

·         Click on save text file

·         Now go back Clash Royale on your Android device


By using the procedure described above on your Android you will be able to unlock maximum arenas and get unlimited golds, money and gems which will take you to the higher levels of the game. This procedure is simple easy and free of cost.